St. Bridget’s was built in 1894; the first mass was celebrated Christmas Eve that same year.  The Davenport Diocese closed St. Bridget’s in 1996.  We had a choice; demolish or preserve.  Friends of St. Bridget’s Foundation was formed to preserve St. Bridget’s, the Nolan Settlement, for future generations to be able to come back to their roots and heritage and to honor those who worked so hard to build the church.  Family ties are special threads, no matter where we roam.  They draw us close to those we love, and pull our hearts toward home.

There is a great community that is based around the church and no one wants that to be lost.  The Friends of St. Bridget’s is not a group formed to solely save the church.  The group is to help preserve the church, the history of the church, and the community based around the church.